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Summer 1997
Fall 1997
Winter 1997
Spring 1998
Summer 1998
Winter 2000


Volume II, Number 2 - Winter 2000

bulletCarolyn Shoemaker  The Comet Hunter - A glimpse into the life of the woman discoverer of the most widely studied comet in modern history. By Penny Fischer
bulletCarolyn's Comets - The list of Carolyn Shoemaker's comet discoveries and a little about comet nomenclature. By Debra L. Davis
bulletUnder Observation: Solar Prominences - A peek at the wonders visible on our nearest star. By Nancy L. Thomas
bulletCooking at the Scope...out of the kitchen and under the stars - A telescope design only a woman would dream up. By Elena Danaila
bulletLetter from the Editor
bulletAstroWoman News - Maria Mitchell Association honors two.


Volume II, Number 1 - Summer 1998

bulletMary Somerville  A Brief Glimpse at a Timeless Woman - A look at the woman, scientist, author, and person. By Nancy L. Thomas
bulletSomerville Craters in the Solar System - Mary Somerville's namesakes on Venus and the Moon. By Debra L. Davis
bulletBlandina Bleecker Dudley, Benefactress to Astronomy - 19th century woman builds observatory to honor husband's memory. By Barry Malpas
bulletIn Search of the Elusive Woman Astronomer - Tips on researching the often hard to find woman astronomer. By Barry Malpas
bulletLetter from the Editor


Volume I, Number 4 - Spring 1998

bulletChasing Totality, the Allure of the Solar Eclipse - The chase is on for the solar eclipse and the astronomy behind these alluring events. By Debra L. Davis
bulletThe Stuff Scientists Are Made Of - The attributes that a scientist, researcher, and astronomer need. By Nancy L. Thomas
bulletLetter from the Editor
bulletAstroWoman News - First woman selected to command Shuttle mission.


Volume I, Number 3 - Winter 1997

bulletWomen of the Sky __ Constellations and Myth - The mythology surrounding the female constellations and objects in the night sky. By M. Aaron McNeely
bulletWomen of the Moon __ Features and Lore - Ancient lore of the moon and the features named for women honorees. By Debra L. Davis
bulletTelescopes 101: Movement and Mounts - Sky movement can be a major consideration when deciding on what mount to purchase. By Cathie Havens.
bulletLetter from the Editor
bulletAstroWoman News - New award honors Maria Mitchell. Helen Wright Greuter Dies.


Volume I, Number 2 - Fall 1997

bulletMaria Mitchell, 1818-1889 - The life of America's first woman astronomer, and the comet that brought her fame. By Emilia "Lee" Belserene
bulletMaria on the Moon - Crater Mitchell, sitting between mountain and sea, among exceptional company. By Debra L. Davis
bulletComet Mitchell...150 years ago - Comet Mitchell, plotted and observed.
bulletLetter from the Editor
bulletAstroWoman News - WITI honors two JPL women, seeks 1998 nominees. Petite astronaut won't be living on Mir.


Volume I, Number 1 - Summer 1997, Premier Issue

bulletHypatia of Alexandria - The life and death of the first woman astronomer, a woman born before her time. By Debra L. Davis
bulletHypatia on the Moon - Lunar crater and rimae. By Debra L. Davis
bulletFascinated by the Stars - Experiences on becoming an amateur astronomer and telescope maker. By Debra Sorg
bulletTelescope 101 - Expert advise on telescopes from a pro. By Cathie Havens
bulletLetter from the Editor
bulletAstroWoman News - Hubble CD technology used for breast cancer screening. Virtual "Take Our Daughters To Work."


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